InterviewJet provides employers weekly with access to a highly curated group of technologists for 72 hours. After gaining initial traction, InterviewJet needed to ramp up product development. Their Founders felt their single contract developer lacked the responsibility, predictability, and expertise in good engineering practices to be able to support the company’s accelerated growth. The Founders also didn’t have the necessary time nor product expertise, to specify new features and manage engineering while also ramping up marketing and client development.



InterviewJet partnered with us to help establish their product and engineering organizations and, most importantly, to create a strong foundation for the Founders to develop Engineering and Product functions as internal areas of expertise. Initially, we provided critical tech support after they parted ways with their only software developer. At the same time, we worked closely with their Founders to put in place a lightweight, transparent and predictable product development process that we used to build and prioritize their feature plans.


As their Head of Product, we led the development of critical new features, including a complex email notification system for their clients and an easy-to-use, real-time interview scheduling workflow. We implemented a business analytics tracking system, taking inputs from Google Analytics and their production database that provided visibility into how their product was being used and the impact of different product features on client engagement.


We helped vet a new engineering team, provided them with architectural and technical guidance, and implemented a transparent and predictable engineering practice that helped the Founders make business and product decisions. We also implemented Applause Functional Testing to ensure the functionality their engineers were building was properly tested before being deployed to their clients.


InterviewJet was able to quickly ramp up two full-time contract developers in early 2014 who worked closely with our product team to build essential new functionality. They subsequently were able to hire an experienced full-time product manager who was quickly integrated through our product development practice. At the end of 2014, InterviewJet was successful in raising a seed round of $750,000.


Josh Holtzman, Founder

“FounderTherapy came in as we were really starting to grow our business and needed to invest in product and engineering. They spent a lot of time with us not just adding new functionality and improving what was already there, but importantly getting our internal processes in place. We continue to utilize their product and engineering practices to this day, after we raised a seed round.”

Fernando Perales,
Lead Software Engineer

“Working with FounderTherapy was a delightful experience. You can really tell they care about the Engineers they work with. Their product specifications are comprehensive and made it easy for me to break down big enhancements into the required engineering work and focus only on coding. Their technical experience is second to none: they quickly guide your team to the right path.”