ORGANIZE, a non-profit organization, wanted to dramatically increase registered organ donors in the US and help the healthcare industry save more lives. While they had a strong vision, their technology implementation was rudimentary and left them unable to achieve these goals.

Without a CTO and Head of Product, they couldn’t translate their vision into a product strategy, create specifications for engineering, or execute their product buildout and launch. Additionally, their lack of technical leadership limited the scope of conversations they were able to have with partners that were critical to their success, and they had a hard time answering key technical questions.



We took on the role of CTO within Organize, providing both internal technical and product leadership and acting as an external face for the non-profit during conversations with Organ Procurement Organizations (OPOs), the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), and other organizations in the field.

As CTO and Organize’s product and engineering team, we took responsibility for product strategy and planning, product development, architecture, and application development. Working as an integrated part of Organize’s leadership team, we launched their two products:


An open-source , responsive and dynamic country-wide organ donor registration web app


A services-oriented and secure donor registry with a public API. 53 provides an API to normalize all 52 unique state organ donor registry requirements and stores registration submissions securely. It also automatically submits those registrations to each state online registry.


For the OPOs that manage the donation process, registrations through Organize are integrated into searchable donation profiles which enable them to validate the identity of a donor and have better conversations with next of kin. All OPO usage of 53 is tracked with an audit trail, which allows OPOs to validate compliance. These solutions were built with strict security measures, including third party security testing, to ensure personally identifiable information is safe.


Organize’s 53 and the online registration site launched successfully in January 2015, and have garnered incredible interest from the Organ Donation community country-wide. In February, Organize won the Verizon Powerful Answers Award in the healthcare category and received a grant for $1 million.


Zachary Werner,
Product and Marketing

“FounderTherapy has been instrumental helping us get ramped up here at Organize. The products that they’ve built are innovative, creative, and high-quality. Their transparency, flexibility, and general demeanor have absolutely made this project easier to accomplish. Beyond just helping us design and build our tech products, they’ve been extraordinarily engaged in helping our partners understand what’s going on under the hood, and it’s really been a pleasure.”

Alexander Waldmann, Applause
(Security Testing)

“While we did find some suspicious behavior in the web application, overall, the system is very well engineered and the Applause security testing team did not get to have a lot of “fun” with it. It highlights the fact that, with the proper use of the right frameworks and libraries, the foundation of an application is what really contributes to overall system security.”

“We filed only 2 vulnerability reports—which is our lowest total for any security test this month, and in the top 5% of all the web and mobile apps we’ve tested this year.”