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"I met Brian Tait when I passed the Founder Therapy table at a trade show. With skepticism, I accepted his offer for a gratis consultation. In one hour, Brain totally impressed me with his insights, practicality, humility and willingness to help."

Dan Rosenberg

CEO, Fokison

"During a single FounderHour, FounderTherapy helped me to focus my vision and to understand how to implement a key feature to attract and convert visitors. It was a wonderful experience that I highly recommend to early-stage Founders."

Founder & CEO of StartupBoost and SportsWonks

Jason Malki

Don't just take our word for it.

Mike Anton

Founder and CEO, Trade Exchange

My FounderHour was incredibly helpful. I needed constructive, direct feedback on how I was presenting Trade Exchange to investors and Brian delivered. He asked insightful questions and provided feedback that helped me gain some clarity on how to tell my story to those less familiar with the details of my industry. I would recommend a FounderHour to anyone needing honest, direct feedback, as it's often hard to find."

FounderHours equip you to think differently  about the next milestone you are striving for, and the often conflicting paths available to you to achieve that milestone. 

Think Differently

We have years of experience launching new ventures and building startups. All of us work in both strategic and executional roles with early stage Founders on a daily basis.

Experienced Facilitation

FounderHours generate "aha" moments, not because we have all the right answers, but because we've learned most of the right questions from making our own mistakes.

Aha! Moments

We're building a community of Founders, Investors and startup building practitioners.  When appropriate, we're happy to make introductions.  


 for Founders, by Founders

Conquer Your FUD

FounderHours are Office Hours

We'll Accomplish A Lot In An Hour

What FUD Is Holding You Back?

"I haven't worked in a software company before, let alone started one. Should I leave my safe job and take the plunge?"

First-timer FUD

"My pitch doesn't resonate with investors and I'm not getting actionable feedback. I don't know how to improve it."

Investor FUD

"Investors tell me I need a CTO to raise money, but I can't attract quality CTO's prior to raising my next round."


"I know I need to build an MVP, but I don't know what it must include nor how much is a reasonable cost."


"We're building the MVP, but my development team is way behind schedule and I'm running out of funding."

Development FUD

"I can get clients to sign up for a trial, but after a month they disappear and I have no idea what the problem is."

Post-Launch FUD

"Sitting down with Karen and Brian for our FounderHour allowed the Wethos co-founding team to become aware of what areas of product development we need to continue strengthening. They gave us the insights needed to make some initial improvements on our own - immensely helpful when your goals are big, and your startup (and your users) want to move fast.”

CoFounder & Head of Product, Wethos

Kristen Ablamsky

"FounderTherapy office hours are great!  They are caring and not in a rush.  Their team listens, offers meaningful suggestions, and makes introductions to help you build a stronger network.  If you have a new startup, have tech questions, and are not sure where to turn, do yourself a favor and contact FounderTherapy."

CoFounder & CEO, NY Social Solar

Donna Sanders

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All Founders have Fear, Uncertainty or Doubt. FounderTherapy can help.

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