Every client we choose to work with is a business we believe in. From protecting your brand identity online to making organ donation simple to helping students stay in school — we help our clients build products and businesses that solve real-world issues.


“Working with FounderTherapy may be the best decision I have made as a CEO. It has brought us focus and collective expertise that we could not have found anywhere else. FounderTherapy has challenged us to be better and helped improve every aspect of our business.”

David Mittnick,
Founder and CEO

“FounderTherapy helped me learn how to build a sales pipeline, overcome strategic blocks in product vision, introduced me to key investors. While we have barely touched on their core engineering and product expertise, the limited time we spent evaluating engineering and architecture decisions with them was greatly insightful. Working with them has been catalyzing for us.”

Raheem Sarcar,

Teams we’ve helped build

Working with FounderTherapy leads to success. Whether it’s product development, gathering investment, or helping you achieve the next step in curating the right team.

See some of the award winning success stories below.

  • Won

    $1M, Verizon Powerful Answers Award, 2014

  • Awarded

    Stanford Medicine X design challenge

  • Launched

    Nation’s first organ donation registry

“The startup to end the organ shortage”FastCompany
  • Raised

    $26M, 2 Rounds 2006 – 2011

  • Patented

    Invented new B2B marketplace technology and successfully secured patent.

  • Awarded

    – Red Herring North America: Top 100 Award, 2013
    – Channel Insider Bull’s Eye Award Champion, 2009

“OnForce, a pioneer in the ‘gig economy’, at the forefront of what’s next”
Boston Globe
  • Raised

    $35M, 3 Rounds 2010 – 2013

  • Awarded

    – Fast Fifty, Crains New York Business, 2015
    – Top 100 North America, Red Herring, 2015
    – Fortune, America’s Most Promising Companies, 2014

  • Raised

    $3.4M, 2 Rounds 2011 – 2013

  • Transitioned

    Dmetrics business services model to a product based model


ORGANIZE, a non-profit organization, wanted to dramatically increase registered organ donors and help the healthcare industry save more lives.

We took on the role of CTO within Organize, providing both internal technical and product leadership.

InterviewJet provides employers weekly with access to a highly curated group of technologists for 72 hours.

We worked closely with their Founders to put in place a lightweight, transparent and predictable product development process that we used to build and prioritize their feature plans.


“FounderTherapy has been instrumental helping us get ramped up here at Organize. The products that they’ve built are innovative, creative, and high-quality. Their transparency, flexibility, and general demeanor have absolutely made this project easier to accomplish. Beyond just helping us design and build our tech products, they’ve been extraordinarily engaged in helping our partners understand what’s going on under the hood, and it’s really been a pleasure.”

Zachary Werner,
Product and Marketing


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